Tulsa Websites and SEO Services is now available to help you take you're online marketing to the next level. The Tulsa Websites and SEO services design team April and Garland MacNeill have a combination of over eighteen years of experience in website design and systems administration. We combine that with the eleven years of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and marketing experience from Frank Davis and you have a team of professionals that are not only capable but the very best at what they do.

The Tulsa Websites and SEO Services team can answer all of the questions you have had about online marketing strategy. Some questions that are always left unanswered are:

  • Why I should have a website?
  • Where should my website populate?
  • How do I know if my website is working?
  • Should I have an e-mail address that matches my web address?
  • What are realistic in expectations from my website?
  • What domain name would be best for my business and is it available?
  • When in marketing you should always be asking yourself these questions every day as over eighty percent of the consumers that shop with you are online every day.

    Tulsa Websites and SEO services provides you with a custom website that reflects your business. The service extends to online marketing involving the search engines and placement in what is called "organic" or natural search. Once you are optimized and placed in these natural search rankings you should always be there and you can add to those rankings and own the first page of Google and Yahoo.

    Why settle for just one natural search term? Why not have your website or other generated pages available to the consumer. Much to my surprise most companies put up a website and yes they are ranked on the first page of a search engine, but why not have four or five pages there that talk about your company. If you do this SEO then you are four to five times more popular than your competition and you are far more likely to have consumers click on one or more of your listed pages.

    Website marketing and placement is an ongoing task and Tulsa Websites and SEO services teaches you these marketing tools so your company or business can thrive on the Internet portal.

    Your website is an investment that should always be working for you, and oddly enough it can and will 24 hours a day 365 days a year. You can increase your online traffic and sales by up to an astounding four hundred Percent. Think about it, how many more customers is that? How much more revenue will that provide your business?

    The Internet is the most popular and utilized research tool available today and you can be on the very top of search getting your customers information they need to make an educated decision. If you do not take advantage of Internet marketing then you are sending potential consumers down the road.

    Tulsa Websites and SEO services also watches out for your online reputation, we can show you how to use RSS feeds to see when someone places a comment about you or your business, therefore protecting that very valuable reputation. Consumers use and read and but most important react to online reviews. If you do not know if you have good or bad reviews you cannot protect or utilize those reviews.

    There is so much more to a website than what you see before you. Do not be fooled by just the way a website looks. You have to make sure everything is in line to get the maximum exposure from your online marketing.

    Contact us at 918-520-6777 now for a free consultation on a new website or a current website you may have. Nothing to lose but a lot to gain. Knowledge is power. It is time you start learning how to grow your business today.

    Tulsa Websites and SEO Services constructs websites with your business in mind and your budget. Offering complete Search Engine Optimization service to make your new website complete.