Tundra has a long history of responsible operations, adopting and mastering technological advances, and supporting environment and community initiatives.

The Company holds mining rights that allows it to mine, process and sell non-ferrous metals extracted or produced at Yangchong Mine located in Anhui Province in the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the recently acquired core properties of Tundra.

The Company operates through exploration and mining-non-ferrous metals segment. The Company focuses to continue its acquisition and exploitation of mining rights, including the exploration, mineral extraction, processing and sales of iron, zinc and other nonferrous metals extracted or produced at mines mainly located in Anhui Province in the PRC, as well as its operation of related businesses.

The Company conducts these activities through its wholly-owned albeit indirect subsidiaries, Wuhu Feishang Mining Development Co., Limited (Wuhu Feishang) and Tundra Oil & Exploration (Tundra Trading Limited).