TBM provides opportunities for local businesses to showcase their products and services to thousands of airline travelers everyday. TBM also provides opportunities for cities to increase travelers by advertising to travelers arriving at other airports around the country.

When these KC visitors fly in to KCI they are eager to find food and entertainment. The first place they look is the airport, however the want to get their bags first. This makes baggage carousel advertising the ultimate ad within the airport as well as the largest ad.

We put together ad groups that showcase Kansas City businesses directly on the moving baggage carousel panels at KCI airport. These ads are also highlighted during special events in Kansas City.

During each event KCI will see nearly 1 million passengers. Of those passengers we guarantee 80% of them will see your ads. On average each passenger waits 17+ minutes for their baggage. This allows you to captivate your audience (possibly offer a way for them to engage by placing a code or mobile website to visit during their wait).

Baggage carousel advertising can also compliment your current OOH campaign. Studies show that bussiness that currently advertise on billboards or other OOH products will see an increasein results. (Arbitron)

TBM is always researching and developing new products. Products to look forward to over the next years: escalator step advertising, escalator advertising, elevator interior 3D advertising, ceiling tile and light advertising, checkout conveyor belt advertising, step advertising, tunnel advertising, handrail advertising, train/ tram interior wrap advertising, 3D motion displays, 3D baggage carousel advertising.