The Turner Capital Group Angels Meeting is an Angel Investor Forum where 6 companies present with PowerPoint for 20 minutes each followed by 2-5 minutes of Questions & Answers. Accredited Angel Investors, VCs and Investment Bankers attend our events complementary.  

Each Business Plan Presenter pays a flat $2500 presentation fee with no % of angel capital raised. Included in the presentation fee is 3 hours of virtual coaching, mentoring and consulting from Turner Capital Group to insure that your presentation is clear, concise and defensible.

If you're seeking "angel capital, Seed and early stage Capital, start-up capital, or first
round financing," we're seeking you!


Would you like to be a presenter at a future Turner Capital Group Angels Meeting? If so call 305-982-7411 and request our Business Plan Presenter form. We will contact you once we review your submitted information. If you are selected to appear, we will contact you via phone or e-mail to make arrangements. We will need you to send us your 3-page business summary via e-mail. info@forensicloanexperts.com


If you are an investor, and you would like to receive our brochure (via email), call us at 305-982-7411 and tell us a little about your your past and future investment requirements. We encourage you to attend our monthly meetings.


If you are an entrepreneur, we know how difficult it is to get started with a limited amount of resources. Especially capital! Whether you need help in marketing, strategic planning, help with your business plan, law, telecommunications or just some good old fashioned advice...we have lots of resources for you to turn to.

What we do for Startups

The Turner Capital Group Angels Meeting is a monthly meeting of private, high net-worth investors, also referred to as "Angels," venture capitalists and merchant bankers. The event is hosted by Mike Turner, Chairman of the Inc. 500's Mike Turner Enterprises. The mission of the Turner Capital Group Angels Meeting is to provide first stage "seed level and angel capital" financing to startup and early stage firms. In addition to providing capital for growth or expansion, our strategic partners can also provide a wealth of "E-mentoring" services, allowing the entrepreneur more time to focus on building the business. For more information, please e-mail Turner Capital Group at info@forensicloanexperts.com

The Turner Capital Group Angels Meeting meets once each month. Contact us for the next date. If you need driving instructions, please call us at 305-982-7411. If you are an investor or an entrepreneur, and you would like to be notified via mail when we will be meeting in these new cities, please email us at info@forensicloanexperts.com and fill out a profile so we can put you on our mailing list.

We screen and identify only those companies that have the drive and the potential to truly become a great entrepreneurial company. Investors with the Turner Capital Group meet once each month to observe and listen to presentations made by a handful of selected entrepreneurs.  Entrepreneurs get the opportunity to demonstrate their company's product or service offerings in a relaxed atmosphere with wine and social contact with investors. For additional information, please e-mail info@forensicloanexperts.com