Voyage Vietnam Co,.Ltd MOTOTOURS ASIA also known as a motorbike, motorcycle tour operator is a licenced Vietnamese company number 0491/2006/TCDL-GP LHQT issued on January 24th 2006. specializing in motorcycle touring throughout Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and China. From 2007 we run yearly special event "CROSS BORDERS TOUR" through South Asia countries; Vietnam, Laos, Yunnan, Tibet (China), India, Nepal, Myanmar...climbing Hymalaya, the top roof of the World on motorcycle. These activities include motorbiking expeditions, motorbiking introductory lesson, motorbike renting, motorcycle touring and logistics in touring by motorcycles.

Voyage Vietnam MOTOTOURS ASIA also assist in the inbound and outbound legs of your journey making your entire experience one to remember for all the right reasons.

NGUYEN Anh Tuan and NGUYEN Dinh Hiep - the founders of Voyage Vietnam, have more than ten years experience working in the tourism industry in Vietnam, being driven by a passion for adventure and a love for their country and people. They are all experienced scholars on the history and culture of Vietnam's 54 ethnic minority groups and will be able to share all this knowledge with you.

What brought these two people together was a common affinity for the love of adventure and the discovery of strange and wonderful things that truly flood to the edge of Vietnam's political borders and beyond. However, as they say "if there is no difficulty - there will be no discovery", this is truly a rewarding experience.

They have conquered every pass, stream and jungle path your tour will come across, right up to the historic Ho Chi Minh Trail and beyond. They will make sure that every detail is taken care of before and whilst on tour, leaving it to you to have the adventure of a lifetime.

None of their adventures could have ever been fulfilled without their trusty Minsk motorbikes. Known to the Vietnamese farmers as Iron Buffalo, these are truly one tough machine; always with an issue, always on the move and with the capability of carrying a buffalo over mountain passes.

We tour by almost all means of transport such as car, 4x4, train, boat, raft, kayak and Minsk motorcycles per your request. The possibilities are endless. We can take you wherever you want, whenever you want. Our trips are only constrained by how much time you have and your skills at driving a Minsk. We can arrange tours from just one day to, well why you don't test us out and see how long we can stay on the road with you. However, to really enjoy your time with us we suggest a six-day tour. Just long enough to "get lost and found again". In six days you will appreciate the sights, sounds, food and people you meet in the countryside.

Trips longer than six days take us over passes, crossing streams and motorbiking through wild jungle not seen on any map. We will create our own path following our own "map of experience". Tours also depend on what you are comfortable with; we will give you tips to develop your motorbike driving skills and test you to push your limits, however with safety always in mind.

Voyage Vietnam specializes in customized (or personalized) tours. This means that you sit down with us and let us know what you want out of a motorbike tour of Vietnam and neighbouring areas. In one session we will discuss the number of days we are on the road, where we will be staying, what you will be seeing, how much it costs and all the tour possibilities. One thing we will not be able to tell you are all the little mishaps which make an adventure an adventure.

Are you planning a trip to discover Vietnam by motorbike? It's a truly intimate affair. If you are not, consider it! We here at Voyage Vietnam can help you. With our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm, your dream will become a reality. Let's be off swiftly for an adventure of a lifetime.