21st Century daVinci is the umbrella org. for the various Companies of Robin Chappell.

These include: Art/Photography faramirarts.com; a Literary Imprint from which he publishes his Work of both Fiction and Non-Fiction illuminousityPress.com; Architecture and Visionary Design [the organizational Names tba] under which his Architectural Designs (using Green Construction Techniques and Designs as well as utilizing Alternative Energy systems for minimizing Environmental Impact; and, Visionary Technologies, utilizing cutting edge and synthetic systems outputs, to redefine those outputs.

He has just released his first Book, his first Collection of Short Stories, "Dreams, Desires, And Dead Ends" on Amazon (eBook) as well as Illuminousity Press (Print). This will be followed by his first Novel -- an Adaptation of one of his various completed Screenplays.

Later this Summer, he will release his first 'Non-Fiction' book, detailing his Creative Journey leading up to and including, overviews of his Art, Art Direction Concepts, and Architectural Work. It ends with Previews of his various Designs (energy/water purification, nautical and aerospace) encapsulated on --

His primary Nexus Site, 21stcenturydavinci.com.  It gives a broad Overview of his various Directions, both Creative and Technological. It is also the Portal from which All Other Businesses can be accessed.