The finest grooming products for the modern man.®

TwinLuxe founders, identical twin brothers Anthony and Hubert Tsai, had a vision of merging progressive innovation with precision craftsmanship to change the entire shaving experience.

Our Asian heritage made us appreciate tradition, while our fast-paced Wall Street career taught us to always find new ways to achieve the ultimate performance. We have a deep passion for design, materials, and quality in all aspects of life. Why compromise while shaving? We don’t eat with plastic cutlery – why shave that way? Why should one use generic tools and mass-market skincare formulas when the entire shaving experience can be turned into a personal daily ritual?

Despite being twins, we noticed how individual our skincare needs are. We also noticed that there was not a luxe skincare line available that could be tailored to our skin types. Thus we created an entire skincare range that can be “boosted” with add-on products. “We want to bring the barbershop experience into the 21st century, all in your own home – an easy morning ritual that leaves you feeling pampered, fresh, and well groomed all day,” envisioned Anthony.

"Performance leads to authentic satisfaction. Performance speaks for itself. That is the core philosophy of our life, and with that of TwinLuxe," adds Hubert.