Social media got you down? Twirp Communications can help! We can show you how to set up your social media presence, develop a strategy, weed out the unnecessary bells and whistles, and implement your plan to increase your visibility and sales. No time to manage this? We can do that too. We’ll sing your praises online.

OVER 50% of the population age 12-54 uses social media
55% of people on social media say purchasing decisions are influenced by friends
67% of companies say they have acquired sales through Facebook
The average Facebook user spends more than 11 hours per month on Facebook
42% of Twitter users say they use Twitter to learn about new products/brands
79% of Twitter users are more likely to recommend a brand they follow
67% of Twitter users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow

Social marketing should not be ignored. The conversations are happening whether you are there or not, but if you’re not there you can’t contribute to the conversation, you can’t respond to complaints, you can’t even react to the conversations.

You can’t control what other people say about your brand on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In, but if you’re there and aware you can respond, answer, correct, empathize and build relationships that will lead to sales.

Strategic Planning:
So you’ve decided it’s time to get into this “social media thing”, but you don’t know where to begin? Or perhaps you have a Facebook account, but you haven’t looked at it for three months? Twirp will work with you to figure out where best to focus your online marketing, develop a plan and help you implement it.

Making your social media profiles reflect your brand is essential to a cohesive and consistent communications and marketing plan. We have tools to make your Facebook and Twitter accounts match your other branded vehicles.

Community management:
Your profiles are set up, you have some followers, and you’ve even got your logo uploaded, but you’re so busy with your business you don’t have time to post to all your profiles regularly? This is where Twirp can truly make a difference in your business life. Consider us your virtual assistant for all things social. We will regularly update your social media profiles, with approved content and make sure you are equipped to interact with your fans when they have questions. Where many consultants’ services end, we pick up the slack, ensuring that your online presence doesn’t lapse.

Twirp will be more than a consultant to your business—think of us as a trusted part-time employee, tasked with communications activities. Rest easy knowing that Twirp is growing your social profile in an ethical, consistent manner. Concentrate on what you do best, relinquishing the reins of tweets, statuses, friends and followers to someone with the head for research and the passion for communicating.

Other Services:
Media Release writing and distribution
Customized NING network development
Online brand reputation monitoring
Project management for:
- Social media integration
-  Website development
- Search engine optimization