About UAE Exchange
UAE Exchange is a leading global remittance and exchange house based in UAE, with direct ‎operations spanning 24 countries across five continents with over 521 direct offices. With ‎correspondent banking relationship covering more than 150 global banks, and associations with ‎many leading brands globally to bring several value-added products to customers, UAE ‎Exchange, acclaimed the world over as the ‘World’s Trusted Money Transferrer provides ‎unmatched service in the industry to a wide customer base of around 3.5 million. In UAE, the ‎brand has a leading presence with a network of over 93 branches covering all the Emirates. In ‎October 2009, UAE Exchange commenced its 30th year of successful business operations. For ‎more information, logon to www.uaeexchange.com, www.money2anywhere.com and ‎www.smartpay.ae