UBS Manufacturing is a designer and producer of residential and commercial buildings and components utilizing light-gauge steel. Through green, sustainable production in a controlled environment and its patented process, the company’s vertically integrated program covers 95% of the residential building chain at lower costs (20%+ below stick-built construction), directing larger shares of customers’ construction budgets and greater revenues to the company.

With over 80 years of combined experience, UBS Manufacturing founders together possess over 20 industry design awards for patented system and affordable housing projects noted for their sustainability, design, green production, and use of local and community resources. The 35 years of project-based developments in the U.S., Malaysia, and China, has established the company’s patented system well in the marketplace, with proven demand in the conventional construction industry. This legacy and track-record of patent-project success now serves as the foundation for the team’s permanent housing industrial center program.

The UBS Manufacturing system consists of the production of conventional housing units and components, utilizing cold-rolled steel as its primary structural medium, in a high-volume, automated process, infusing the framed product with new, sustainable insulation, cladding, sheathing, roofing, cabinetry, windows, doors, and other accessories, while also installing scalable communication, plumbing, and electrical throughput (based upon customer order). Company patents allow for the integration of components into modules through a proprietary system that eliminates redundancies, while meeting the demands of rigorous curb appeal required of leading architects and developers. The team’s original patents were analyzed by Bechtel Corporation, which noted their efficiencies, design flexibility, and cost savings. The system has since been upgraded, with new patents awarded in 2002.

By taking advantage of the latest technologies, sustainable products, and green building methodologies, with emphasis placed on the integration of high-tech automation and production efficiency, UBS Manufacturing is able to bring online new, sustainable homes heretofore unavailable to the mass market, while promoting faster turn-key production, increased design flexibility, reduced construction costs (20%+), and greater returns.

UBS Manufacturing possesses an internal building program for middle-income (60%-120% AMI) wage-earners in core urban centers. The low ratio of sector-friendly products with high curb appeal and the need for redevelopment of the urban core with balanced, well-designed neighborhoods enables maximization of the company’s vertically integrated process, where internally designed homes, engineered for automated production, are optimized, lowering costs and increasing returns. This significant advantage positions UBS Manufacturing well in the middle-income residential building sector, facilitating a stable, long-term revenue and return landscape, while redeveloping the urban core with appealing, new, sustainable neighborhoods.