U Control Sport is the next generation of Head to Head flex league competition. We offer exciting amateur leagues with a flexible format for the sports you love. Have you always wanted to join a league but couldn’t commit to the same strict days and times every week? Then the UCS flex format is for you, so you can compete when and where you want. Whether you are looking to unleash that competitive spirit or just want to have fun and meet new people, our League is right for you! League Winners will receive a UCS Championship Trophy, Prizes and of course "Bragging Rights!"

How Does It Work?

Each regular season consists of 5 matches to be played over 6 weeks. At the beginning of each season you will receive a schedule based off your UCS Level Rating and geographic location with each match opponent clearly identified. You then contact your opponent(s) via email or call them to set up a time to play that is convenient for all parties. The Home Team will play out of their identified establishment. Each player/team will pay for the games for that match. You will have one week to play each match with the option of a makeup week. Once your match is complete, record your scores and instantly review your divisional standings.

When the regular season ends, the "PLAY-OFFS” begin. If you qualify, you have the option to play a few more weeks of playoff matches! If you advance through the playoffs, you will be invited to the hottest event in Atlanta...The UCS City Championship!

Visit us @ ucontrolsport.com

Current registration open for Bowling, Pool, and Darts

We are also offering Sand Volleyball at the 120 Tavern in Marietta Geogria

If you would like to start a league in your city, visit our site and fill out the online form.

UcontrolSport Team