Welcome to UFCW Local 342. We are one of the strongest local unions in the nation. Our members work in many different types of industries throughout NY and NJ. The majority of our members work in retail food, wholesale food processing and distribution, and manufacturing.

Founded in 1903, Local 342 as part of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America or (AMCBW), we are one of the oldest continually operating unions in the United States. With such a rich history of fighting for respect on the job and to increase our members’ standard of living, it is no wonder why Local 342 continues to welcome new members to the rank-and-file every year.

Local 342 greatly values the active participation of our members in protecting what they have earned over the years, while at the same time achieving enormous gains for future generations of workers. We are a very active union both in the workplace and throughout the communities where our members live and work.