Businesses are finding it harder and harder to stand out, with business directories and listings becoming saturated with far too many adverts, UKBN.info has found a way to ensure that your advert stands out and is not swamped by hundreds of free advertisers that you have to pay for! A Business directory has expenses, and if they are allowing free adverts, then the paying customers are footing the bill, UKBN.info thinks this is really unfair, so we do not allow it.

UK Business Network Ltd ensures that you do not have any competition in your industry in your chosen county, eliminating saturated business listings for good.

UKBN.infos main competitor lists 1303 Financial Advisers in London alone, how many people are going to contact any of them that are listed after number five? Which means there are roughly 1298 adverts that are getting no exposure just in London alone! With UKBN.info you do not have hundreds of other companies selling the same service, UKBN.info make sure you are not only number 1 but that you are the only one!

Considering that with UKBN.infos main competitor you pay around a thousand pounds a year simply to be on the first two pages, it is quite obvious that you are just covering the cost for the people with free adverts in the same industry, a bit like paying taxes to support people that do not work, or do not want to work. And as UKBN.info do not allow free adverts and hundreds of companies to sign up to one area and one industry, UKBN.info are able to keep their costs right down, in fact you can have a full page exclusive advert for less than ?3.10 a week! Less than ?200 a year, including VAT! http://www.ukbn.info

UKBN.info even design your advert as part of the fee, no hidden charges, so you can have a complete web page advert that has not only been designed professionally, but also matches seamlessly to any of your existing web site pages, also creating back links to your site, again increasing your web presence and no extra cost to the advert.

For additional information (or for a sample, copy or demo), contact Chris Carrier or visit www.ukbn.info. You can find out in just a few clicks of your mouse, if your industry space is available in your county, without needing to sign up or add any information about yourself

About UK Business Network Ltd:
Is the brain child of Chris Carrier and Kerri Green, when looking to advertise their design company they found that the only way to advertise online was by listing their company within hundreds of other competitors, they wanted something more than that, and UKBN.info was born.

Chris Carrier, Marketing Director
UK Business Network Ltd
0845 095 70 10