Based out of Miami, FL, and Chicago, IL Upside Media Group (UMG) Global is a sports management firm committed to fulfilling our clients’ personal and professional goals, which will in turn allow our clients to concentrate on their careers and the game as a whole. Our vision is to fully help our clients succeed in their life endeavors both on and off the court, now and in the future, all while developing and maintaining personal relationships with our clients.

Over the years, UMG Global has developed a positive reputation throughout the sports industry. Our hands-on approach and sincere dedication has created successful business and personal relationships. Through our experience in corporate marketing, contract negotiations, finance, analytics, and athlete management, UMG Global is second to none in the sports industry.

UMG Global understands the importance of providing a high quality service for our clients, and is prepared to resolve the many challenges that may occur during both our clients’ personal and professional careers. Effective representation goes well beyond negotiating contracts for athletes and handling their finances. UMG has developed a group of professionals that offer expertise, dedication, and loyalty in various areas, striving to give our clients a full service management firm that will help them take on all of life’s unpredictable challenges. Our services include, but are not limited to: contract negotiations; marketing and endorsements; pre-Draft training; and post career planning.