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Even if the main base is in the United States of America, the operations have a global coverage, providing the required capital for most projects or deals, in most sectors and areas.

USA Angel Investors do invest in and provide funding to all Startups, Real Estate, Renewable Energy, Land Development, Agriculture, Food Industry, New Technology. All entrepreneurs with interesting business ideas can submit a brief to http://www.USAangelinvestors.com selected investors and funding sources.

Angel investors are interested to hear about your business idea, even if you have no previous experience as an entrepreneur. Never too early or too late to start a business. Explore each website page to find a good fit!
If you have a technology smart idea, a new app, a new game or a fintech start-up angel investors would be happy to hear from you.

If you have a renewable energy project or just an idea on how to generate more efficient energy please send a brief.

If you have any business in green, or a good recycling, waste management business idea please send a brief.

As real estate and land development is always a good investment, many investors would like to hear about your idea, plan or project.

If you have a business idea in agriculture or food industry, many investors are interested to provide support. Search each website page available here http://www.USAangelinvestors.com to find a good fit!