USA SHADE & Fabric Structures, Inc. features five well established brands: Sun Ports and Shade Structures focus on modular shade structures, FabriTec Structures offers high-end tensile fabric structures, VPS (Vehicle Protection Structures) specializes in hail protection for the automotive industry and Shade Concepts focuses on the wholesale and distribution arena.  
The company boasts an experienced sales and marketing force as well as manufacturing capabilities unequalled in the shade industry. Chairman Basil Haymann notes, “The combined entity generates synergies across the board and enables us to be the largest and most capable shade and fabric structure company in the world.”    
Sun Ports, Shade Structures and FabriTec all began operations in the early 1990’s.  The companies were formed as a result of the success of fabric structures in the European, Australian and South African markets. Fabric structures are now a popular alternative to conventional shade canopies for architects, builders and other designers focused on sun and weather protection. The applications for fabric structures are endless and the designs are often highly imaginative and innovative.
The selection of a company to provide shade and weather protection is a critical decision. Choosing the wrong company can subject clients to numerous problems including: inferior and/or unsafe products, improper installation, construction delays, budget overruns, meaningless warranties, poor service, and more. As the proven leader in the shade industry with over 200,000 installations nationwide in an unparalleled diversity of market segments, USA SHADE offers products and services that competitors are simply unable to match.
USA SHADE uses the most advanced technology and materials available to manufacture both fabric and structural components. The fabrics offered include: PTFE (Teflon coated fiberglass) PVC (vinyl coated polyester) and HDPE, a Polyethylene mesh which is carefully woven to block out up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.  The mesh fabrics also allow for cool air circulation in stark contrast to conventional canvas covers which block the sun but trap the heat. The company manufactures everything in-house and utilizes sandblasted, powder-coated steel support frames and cutting-edge stainless steel connection components first engineered for the yachting industry. USA SHADE has invested heavily in technology upgrades and increased capacity by adding 30,000 square feet of new office space and fabric sewing facilities. With over 250,000 cumulative square feet of manufacturing space featuring state-of-the-art equipment, USA SHADE expects to see annual revenues in excess of $60 million dollars in the near future.
In addition to having a uniquely superior product line, perhaps the greatest asset of USA SHADE is the service provided by a staff of over 250 of the most talented professionals in the shade industry. USA SHADE offers clients comprehensive in-house design/build services. The company handles every aspect of a project including: contract specifications, budgeting, feasibility studies, conceptual rendering and modeling, engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, project management and complete installation. The design team utilizes the most sophisticated 3D computer technology available; their innovations and designs have earned the company numerous awards. With numerous highly skilled construction crews nationwide, projects are completed on time and on budget. As USA SHADE has grown, so have the ideas, innovations and capabilities that it offers. USA SHADE will continue to lead the way in fabric structure design and technology for years to come.