At USBedBugs.com, our mission is to improve the quality of life for those dealing with bed bugs AND to prevent further spread of bed bugs throughout the US.

USBedBugs.com is a division of NorthShore Care Supply, an online medical supply retailer established in 2002. NorthShore Care Supply began carry mattress encasements in 2006 and quickly realized the widespread impact that bed bugs are having in the US after hearing countless stories from customers about the horror of having bed bugs in their homes. Since mattress encasements can not get rid of any bed bugs outside the mattress, customers asked us for other products such as travel protectors to prevent bringing bed bugs home from travel and monitors to know if they are actually gone after treatment, etc... Our USBedBugs.com website is now a fast growing marketplace featuring a wide selection of bed bug protection and prevention products.

While we do strongly encourage all our customers to contact an exterminator experienced with bed bug mitigation, we are not exterminators and do not give advice regarding pesticide use. We have consulted with expert entomologists and have been advised to strongly discourage our customers from using over the counter pesticides. These pesticides are generally not very effective against bed bugs that are well hidden and tend to be overused or misused by homeowners, creating a potentially hazardous environment. USBedBugs.com offers a wide range of pesticide-free solutions that, when used in conjunction with treatment from a pest control professional, will greatly improve the quality of life during treatment and greatly improve the chances of success.

USBedBugs.com by NorthShore Care Supply aims to be ultra responsive to our customer's needs. We are proud to report that NorthShore Care Supply has been awarded the 2009 BizRate Circle of Excellence for outstanding customer service. Only a very select group of retailers receive this award which is based on direct customer feedback at the point-of-sale and after delivery. We have made an extra investment in inventory to ensure that our products are in-stock as much as possible and have a team of customer care experts waiting to answer your calls and emails.