U.S. Global Business IT is a full service web design, software development, and consulting company powered by a group of experienced professionals. We serve organizations from any business, non-profit, or government sector worldwide. Our specialty is helping organizations to grow by using digital technologies of larger competitors for prices any startup or small company can afford.

There are no technological boundaries for your ideas and needs – we've created software for situations or business models that previously seemed impossible. Every single one of our customers and the projects we do for them are motivation for us to perform at the highest possible level. We emphasize the highest quality of safety, design, coding, usability, and all other standards. USGBIT delivers user-centric and effective solutions that are easy to use or update by anybody with the most basic computer skills.

With U.S. Global Business IT on board you can:

   * Position your business for growth with the most efficient methods and technologies
   * Reach out new customers with modern electronic communication tools
   * Increase sales and profits by targeted marketing and e-commerce
   * Solve any technological issues with solutions that are made to fit your needs
   * Streamline business operations by eliminating any redundancies
   * Reduce operating costs by going paperless and using data in a digital form
   * Have a competitive advantage through technological leverage and innovation
   * Gain unlimited IT potential backed up by our know-how


We can help you grow your business using the digital solutions of much larger companies. The difference is USGBIT makes them available at prices you can afford. Talk to us when you're ready to say goodbye to your old website, hello to advanced technology. You are eligible for our USGBIT 3D (a disposal discount deal). After we give you an already competitive quote, tell us that you saw this ad and receive an additional 10% OFF. Unprecedented FREE WEBSITE HOSTING is available to all of our web design customers - it is an additional SAVINGS of $50-$250 ANNUALLY for as long as you keep your web design and hosting business with us. We offer DARE-TO-COMPARE quality and value. Check out our website at www.USGBIT.com, get in touch wiht us by phone 1-877-US1-GBIT