About 30% of the veterans we see have some form of mental illness, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The vast majority of these veterans can effectively address these issues through counseling and medication. Our programs offer the stabilization; support and services that help these veterans achieve their highest level of independence.
Our Critical Time Intervention Program is for veterans with severe and persistent mental illness. It is a joint program with the VA and assists veterans with their transition into the community.
U.S. Vets provides clinically supported housing and employment assistance to help veterans rebuild their lives and rejoin society as productive citizens. We offer a variety of programs such as: Veterans in Progress (VIP) which helps alleviate the social, personal, and financial problems i.e. impulse control, anger management and personal finance management that often interfere with employability. The High Barriers Program is designed to address additional barriers some veterans face such as aging and parole concerns. The Fathers Program is modeled after the VIP program and targets non-custodial fathers to help them become more emotionally and materially involved in their children’s lives.