UTM RBT has the most innovative, technologically advanced and comprehensive training system in existence. Through their long experience of working with Elite Special Forces, Militaries, and Law Enforcement Agencies around the world, they have created an integrated system that allows for cross discipline training exercises, such as integrating firearms into combatives and tactics training, to maximize the effectiveness of the overall program – made possible through UTM’s advanced product technology.

In addition to being rated 99.8% reliable by the U.S. Military and International Agencies, UTM RBT has the only training system to offer non-lethal 4.6mm and 7.62mm Man Marker Rounds! This is not 'just another training course' and not 'just another training aid' - this training system is fully immersive, not limited by training facility restrictions and offers soldiers, officers and professionals the experience of full stress inoculation in any environment. Field-tested and proven it is the most effective, economical and environmentally friendly training system available today!