Ubiquitous Bubba (if that’s his real name) spent his formative years in a strange universe known as Texas. During this time, he studied TexMex food, Texas blues, Tall Tales, and the nature and characteristics of Bubbas. Eventually, he traveled to an alien universe known as The North. Leaving home, Bubba wandered throughout the known multiverse and discovered something amazing. No matter where he went, he found other Bubbas. It is for this reason, that he is now known as Ubiquitous Bubba. Well, it’s also because he thought that having a Bubba use such a word was somewhat humorous.

Ubiquitous is also a drummer, who has somewhat narrow and specialized musical tastes. A fan of progressive and hard rock styles, he’s also known to incorporate some funk just to keep himself entertained.

Ubiquitous Bubba enjoys relaxing at home with his wife and three kids. He enjoys telling stories, eating pizza, and holding the recliner down. It hasn’t gotten away yet, but one can’t be too careful.