We're basically a bunch of disruptors including engineers, marketers, financiers, who've collectively made it our mission to create the world's first and fastest growing social metaverse. This drive is purely based on our incredible desire to take back our digital lives from Big Tech, and return the balance of power to the people. Real-world politics are so obfuscated it's (for the foreseeable future) a lost cause. But the digital world is still within our grasp - we built Uhive to reach a level that Big Tech cannot ignore.
Our network of ~1 million registered users ARE TRUE BELIEVERS in what the metaverse and Uhive can deliver. With one call to action Uhive's users can make a (metaverse) world of difference.
On a technical level, we've built tech into the Uhive platform that simply doesn't exist anywhere else and created IP like Uhive's Social Scaleā„¢, because we've been embedded in the metaverse space even before Meta/Facebook 'announced it' the world this past summer.
The metaverse cannot be owned, it can only be built, and we're building faster, bigger, and better than most.