Uknowte (pronounced You-Note) is a revolutionary notetaking web app that allows students to take their lecture and class notes online in accordance with the Cornell system of notetaking. Now, students have a web-based tool to intelligently take notes on, use special study features, and have the availability of unlimited note storage space – all for FREE! This means that the user can simultaneously organize the note into topics, subnotes, highlights, and quotations while typing the note.

This is, by far, the most efficient notetaking application ever developed for students. All of the features incorporated into the web application have been designed to allow students to take intelligent notes using symbols, like the hashtag, to organize into topics, subnote, highlight, and place quotations.

Some of Uknowte’s Unique Features:

1. Unlimited storage space – take as many notes as you like, without having to monitor disk space or monthly usage limits, and have the added benefit of Uknowte automatically saving your notes for you. Nothing can get lost! Use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone for taking lecture notes as well as having all of them backed up and secure online. You get unlimited amount of storage for your notes and that means you can take as many notes as you like. Never having to worry about the amount of space you use in a day, month, or year. All of this for FREE!

You get access to your online notes where ever you are in the world. Study at your own pace with a peace of mind that all your notes will always be there no matter what happens to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Intelligent notetaking – This is, by far, the most efficient notetaking application ever developed. Write faster notes and organize them as you type; use symbols like the hashtag to organize topics and add subnotes, highlights, and quotations.

In Uknowte, you don't just place text on to the page like other notetaking websites and apps. Our intelligent system of notetaking gives you the power to simultaneously organize your notes into topics, subnotes, highlights, and quotations while typing with the use of simple and fast keystrokes.

Intelligent notetaking effectively allows you to use space, time, and the recollection of your notes using the Cornell system of notetaking. This means that the notetaking space is divded into two sections. One is for your hashtag topics that categorize your notes, the other is for your main notes. For studying purposes, topics aid your summarization of the note you have posted on to the note-wall. Using characters and symbols in the main notetaking body helps you place comments on the notes you have taken, highlight parts of your note for emphasizing important areas, and placing quotations for aspects of the lecture that you found significant.

3. Mobile friendly and “Total Recall” – access Uknowte through a tablet or smartphone, and use the simple study feature to review all of your notes in one place. Reviewing all of your notes for study has never been easier.

After writing your intelligent notes in Uknowte, you would need a special view to go over your notes for studying purposes. Studying off the screen can be difficult on the eyes and having your notes laid out in bolder and easy to read text format can definitely make your review easier. That’s why we created Total Recall – a feature that makes studying your notes off the screen much easier.

Small and subtle elements, such as making the background a light grey so that the glare of the screen doesn’t hurt your eyes when studying, allow you to review your notes more comfortably. We’ve made the topics and headings text larger and chronologically laid out your notes so that you can start from the beginning of the course and gradually move your way down the notebook. Total Recall allows for a smarter review of all your notes and that makes your test performance much better.

Uknowte comprises of a philosophy that is centered around the applicability and use of technology in the classroom. Classrooms and learning environments are changing in an ever-increasing pace, and technology is playing a crucial role in being a catalyst to that. Computers and mobile devices, we believe, are not a hindrance to the learning experience, but a means to enhance one's quest for knowledge.