Renowned interior designer, Umberto Ciccolella, has announced that he his opening Umberto’s Interior Design Studio in the city of Puerto Vallarta. After a 35-year career that originated in high fashion and culminated in a thriving, highly popular interior design studio, Umberto now lives in Puerto Vallarta. As of March 21, 2012, he is officially taking on new clients that are interested in creating a beautiful, personally stylized home.
Umberto said of his new venture that, “I began my career in New York City and Los Angeles, where I worked as a designer in the homes of the rich, famous and iconic. Now that I live happily south of the border in Puerto Vallarta, my new home, I am excited to bring my interior design work to my wonderful neighbors and remarkable community.” He added that at this time he is taking on all clients and budgets, from condos to mansions, rental apartments to vacation homes.
It is Umberto’s passion to bring unique, well though-out designs to complements the many different personalities of each client. It is his philosophy to work hand in hand with each client so that they will receive exactly what they are looking for in their homes interior design.
Umberto’s view on interior design is to plan, plan, plan upfront so that there will be no surprises in either the budget or the design. “I love my clients, and a cooperative spirit coupled with creativity brings both of us together,” said Umberto. “My clients love my one on one personalized consultations and pre-planning sessions. I work together closely with each individual to create a unique, personal experience.”
Prospective clients are encouraged to visit Umberto’s new website at www.UmbertoStudio.com. On his new website, visitors may read more about his design philosophy and read his article, Great Design Does Not Just “Happen.”  They may also peruse Umberto’s profile page, check out his beautiful gallery pictures, and find Umberto’s contact information. He may also be contacted directly at Umberto@UmbertoStudio.com for more information or to schedule an informal consultation.