Bar 2 is a specialist staffing services company providing individuals who are engaged in agency work with a compliant, tax-efficientmethod of pay.
With the choice of an Umbrella Companyor CIS for the genuinely self employed, Bar 2 has the rightsolution for you, whether you are undertaking flexible working for the short-term or a freelance professional. Dealing with excessive paperwork and red tape relating to tax status can be very time consuming. At Bar 2 we will managethe financial aspect of your contract, handle your administration, keep you compliant with all current tax legislation and help you to make the most out of your work.

The Bar 2 Umbrella Company is a suitable employment method for anybody undertaking agency work. You are entitled to all the statutory employment benefits that you would expect and the employment contract does not necessarily end when your particular assignment ends, meaning that your temporary contracts are all carried out under permanent employment.
The Construction Industry Scheme or CIS is a construction sector service and to be engaged in this way youmust be genuinely self employed and this must be demonstrated by completing our employment status questionnaire.