Umergence is a crowdsourcing and crowdfunding network. The Umergence platform allows entrepreneurs, inventors, makers, researchers, professionals, established companies and investors to work together in one place - building their ideas, forming teams, launching campaigns and raising capital. The site uses “wisdom from the crowd” to reduce startup risk, streamline tasks, quickly iterate business ideas, form functional teams and hire skilled workers for short or long term work contracts. Umergence provides entrepreneurs access to human resources with a service and job listing marketplace. Startups and accelerators can find talent in the crowd and manage it from their own dashboards. Investors can track the progress of teams or ideas in real time to scout investments, monitor growth and develop new prospects.

Umergence is a registered broker/dealer and FINRA member able to offer flexible funding options from security offerings to non-security reward and donation campaigns. Umergence is “collectively intelligent,” using a process of sorting ideas through voting. Information is tagged and searchable - making it easy to form communities of like-minded people with the natural give-and-take of a regular office or co-working space.  This is a platform designed for creative, driven, entrepreneurial-minded individuals and existing business owners looking for a productive network.