UnPac.us, an innovative bi-partisan crowdfunding platform revolutionizing the
political landscape.

UnPac.us takes the concept of crowdfunding and applies it to individual policy initiatives,
allowing users to make donations aligned with their desired outcome for specific bills. While
refunds aren't guaranteed and are dependent on bill passage through congress, users have the
flexibility to reallocate their donations to other bills, ensuring that every contribution makes a
meaningful impact on shaping the nation's future.

Our system does not payout the politicians in advance. We lump the funds into a secure account. When that account amasses a certain balance, that holding is unlocked for them to use towards their political campaign.

As a matter of fact, we don't show what decision led to the windfall, we just show that they have a balance. This way we are fully adhering to campaign finance laws, bribery statutes and the like. Our intention is not to further corrupt politics the way lobbyists do, it's to re-incentivise politicians to do what they told the public in their campaign platform.

Lobbyists pay politicians during their campaign in the form of donations to influence politics, we pay after the lawmakers do what they promised their constituents during their campaign.

UnPac.us has undergone extensive development and testing to ensure a seamless and
user-friendly experience. The platform is now live and accessible to citizens, activists, and
political enthusiasts alike. By visiting www.unpac.us, users can register and begin participating
in the crowdfunding of congressional bills today.