Unex: Durable Bridge to Wireless
While every company desires to focus on innovation and development of differentiating features to increase value, most often they become trapped in the acquisition and integration of various technologies that lies beyond their desired core competencies. Unex provides a range of integrated, trouble-free, system-wide one-stop wireless solutions at various levels of:
1.High-Power, Industrial, and Commercial WiFi modules in mini-pci, cf, and pcie interfaces, Atheros Linux driver source code sub-license service (subject to Atheros approval), driver porting and supplicant support, and embedded antenna design service to ASD (Application Specific Device) manufacturers and WISP.
2.Enterprise or Outdoor Access Point solutions with max. 2 WiFi mini-pci sockets and Smart Antenna design service for WISP and OEM/ODM customers.
3.Indoor WLAN Client/Repeater/AP/Router solutions to telecom operators/integrators and OEM/ODM customers.
4.Licensed Frequency WiFi modules, vehicle-used single/multiple band WiFi module/antenna, and WiFi related application devices by OEM/ODM project.