UNICEL Technologies, based in Bangalore and founded in 2003, provides Integrated Cloud Communications Solutions across SMS, Voice, USSD, and Email. The strong and intensifying belief in the power of cloud communications, along with the need for Innovation to provide these services in a uniquely simple and integrated way, is what the company thrives on every day. Unicel provides a complete range of communications services through APIs that customers can directly integrate into their applications, SaaS based applications built by Unicel to meet many common business requirements, and customized solutions tailor made to business-specific needs.

We believe that technology expertise and customer insight is at the heart of being able to deliver on our customer promise, and that is exactly what Unicel has always sought to do. Our state-of-the-art service delivery platform offers integrated SMS, Voice, USSD, and E-Mail services of world-class standards to the enterprise community. Unicel has also developed numerous technology innovations, enabled through network-level integration with operators, which have enabled it to deliver the highest SLAs and service reliability available in the market today.

Unicel has led the march in Enterprise Communications in India, delivered over the cloud, since the day of its inception. The industry-recognized expertise in cloud communications has enabled Unicel to help revolutionize the way enterprises connect and interact with different players in the value chain. Today Unicel is proud to have over 1000 enterprise customers, including a major chunk of the Fortune 500 brands in India.