Unify Health Services, UHS, is a women-owned small business that brings an expert team with over 70 years combined experience in the injury management field. We assist employers nationally in the development and implementation of their injury prevention and Return to Work programs. Our innovative programs and protocols have been proven to reduce injuries, promote a safe and healthy work environment and maximize cost savings.  

Our National Services Include:

Safety & Stretch Programs
Ergonomic Assessments
Physical Demand Analysis, PDA
Post Offer Employment Test, POET

Physical & Occupational Therapy
Functional Capacity Evaluation, FCE
Peer Reviews
Impairment Ratings
RTW Fit for Duty Test
Accommodation Analysis

Vocational Services:
Vocational Guidance
Labor Market Survey
Transferable Skills Analysis
Home Assessment

UHS University:
Education & Employee Training
Risk & Claim Consultation

What differentiates Unify from other national therapy provider networks and prevention organizations?  We provide client specific workforce solutions focused on both pre and post-injury by connecting the dots between Human Resources, Safety, and Risk Management.  We look at the mechanism of injury and the jobs with highest injuries rates to determine how to mitigate recovery in the most cost effective manner.  It is through this collaborative process with our clients that we define the appropriate strategy. Our workforce solutions are outcome driven and unique to their goals, needs and industries.  Our symbiotic approach brings simplicity, measurability, and results.

For more information, contact us at Inquiries@Unifyhs.com or call us at 888-314-5571