Unique learners struggle to do what others find simple. Their efforts to “try harder” don’t help. Their struggle isn’t a result of laziness or lack of trying. Rather, their struggle is literally inside their own brains and bodies.

When children struggle in school they often feel shame that they are not “normal”. The term learning disability reinforces their belief and suggests that they are unable to learn. Nothing could be further from the truth. They just learn in unique ways. The capabilities and talents of this population are frequently overlooked because their skills and abilities often don’t fit with the requirements of traditional education.

Unique Learner Solutions provides strategies that target what is really happening in the brains and bodies of unique learners. Parents and teachers can use these solutions to help their unique learner make significant improvement and make sense of the “why” behind their child’s behaviors and attitudes. This will not only make a difference in their scholastic world, but also in their family life both now and in the future.

Author and founder of Unique Learner Solutions, Suzanne Cresswell is an occupational and physical therapist who has worked with unique learners for over three decades. Suzanne works to educate and provide proven solutions and strategies to those that parent, instruct and work with unique learners. By creating an understanding of unique learners and their learning behavior, she helps parents, teachers and the students themselves find the ability in learning disability.