Unique World is a leading Information Management and Knowledge Management consultancy. We work with Australia’s major enterprises to help transform their business through enabling technologies such as collaboration, business process automation, business intelligence, document and records management, intranets and portals.

Unique World exists to inspire. Our core purpose is to make a difference: to have a positive impact on the clients we partner with, and on our own people.

In this world of information overload, we believe the right information should be delivered just in time, just enough, and just for you. It’s no longer about what to know and whom to know. It’s about how to know.

Our vision is to give you rich and relevant insights to empower and excite your work life. To make your work better. To give you back time and freedom for other important stuff.

At Unique World, we collaborate deeply. We compete in ways others cannot. Together, we build on ideas, with tools that enable and technologies that inspire. We build strategies and systems that help you manage your information more effectively. Smart, pragmatic, result-focused strategies. Systems that are easy to use, and the people and process changes that help you succeed.

Our vision will only be realised by empowering you with great solutions.

That’s why we’re, well, Unique. Move forward with us.