Let me start off by saying that we all know there is a huge addiction issue in this country, that keeps increasing and affecting more and more people every year.  This disease affects the rich, the poor; it sees no difference in ethnicity or gender. This disease is similar to an allergy; once any mind-altering substance enters the body, that person loses all control mentally, until they once again reach what is commonly referred to as a “bottom.” Due to this issue, our question was,  how can we help these sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, and close friends find help?  Like most people, we searched the Internet. We ran into numerous website sites with long lists of treatment centers, in which the cost alone is enough for a down payment on a home. We were unable able to find any sites that listed facilities an average person could afford.  Let alone someone who has been down and out for years.  Why? Because there is no money in it.

So we decided to create, UnitedRehabs.com which provides a unique service to help ALL people regardless of their background and financial status find the help that they need in order to move beyond their issues and live a happy substance-free life.  Unlike every other site on the internet, Unitedrehabs.com has decided to really dig in and make the site about allowing everyone to find help.  Being huge advocates for addicts without the means or the policy to get into a fancy facility, we have made it easy for them to find state, county and federally funded facilities throughout the nation.  We have been able to add 11,500 different facilities listed on our site, making it the largest and most helpful resource on the internet for people struggling to find help.

Here is an example of exactly what Unitedrehabs.com can do: If you were from Kentucky, uninsured, a young adult female, needing detox, and then you wanted a long-term treatment center nearby in Falmouth, KY, that is not only attainable but takes less than one minute for our website to find all of that. At Unitedrehabs.com, we want to cut out the multiple phone calls, the run around that often comes with finding treatment centers. Those things only add stress and more turmoil and confusion to the situation. At Unitedrehabs.com, we believe saving lives should be as fast and easy as getting an ambulance to your house because addiction and alcoholism IS an emergency.