United Law Group is a national law firm with offices in California, New York, and Florida. It is the largest foreclosure prevention firm in the country with attorneys licensed in every state. Dedicated to helping homeowners facing hardships to keep their houses, United Law Group uses legal channels to compel banks to modify adjustable-rate to fixed-rate mortgages, reduce principal and interest, and create other fair solutions between the lender and borrower.

It is our mission and highest priority is to provide Americans in every city with an ethical, affordable, and effective program in obtaining multiple solutions to financial freedom. Our vision is to create the largest and most reputable law firm in the country by providing education, customized client resolutions, and 100% customer service/satisfaction. It is evident, through the financial crisis that is taking place in all aspects of lending, that consumers need a personal advocate to help intervene. The United Law Group is that advocate and we are committed to protecting all Americans from predatory lending and financial distress. It is our confident belief that success ultimately depends on establishing a customer service and relationship oriented environment, that instills the integrity in each team member in the crusade of "Protecting The American Dream".

For more information about United Law Group visit: http://www.UnitedLawGroup.com