Universal Sequencing Technology Corporation is a US-based innovative DNA sequencing firm. UST TELL-Seq enables short-read 2nd generation sequencing platforms to produce super long-read results (average 20kb, up to 200kb or longer).  It is accurate and cost-effective.  The process is simple and fast.

A sequencing-ready library can be prepared in PCR tubes in only 3 hours. With our TELL-Seq library kit and an Illumina sequencer, you can now do de novo sequencing (microbial, animals/plants/insects, etc.), metagenomics, whole-genome phasing, and structural variation detection as well as phased whole-exome and targeted sequencing.  The results are proven to be accurate.  As significantly cost-effective as UST TELL-Seq is, the technology requires very little DNA input (0.1-0.5ng for bacteria and target gene panels, 3-5ng for human genome).