We are a nonprofit organization that educates about the new vision and new tools for creating a sustainable prosperity for all. This is done primarily by educating on how to thrive our personal lives, businesses and nations using the universe's own evolution-tested sustainability principles. These principles have been proven effective by 13.7 billion years of successful evolutionary trial and error success.

Living these new sustainability success principles provides our global community members both a wholly rational and ultimately worthy service that is greater than themselves and that also creates a deep life satisfaction and meaning. These universal principles of sustainability are also the irreplaceable tools needed to successfully forward the evolution of ALL life into an amazing and beautiful future!

Wherever applicable or possible, these science-grounded evolutionary principles of sustainability also align and integrate well with humanity's most life-affirming spiritual values and wisdom. This unique aspect of our science-congruent educational offerings helps individuals that are also spirituality inclined to build their own personalizable form of Evolution Spirituality.

As our community's social activism service to the world is called Job One for Humanity. Job One for Humanity is doing our individual and collective parts to reverse, prepare for or, adapt to or mitigate the catastrophic climate destabilization primarily caused by human carbon pollution of the atmosphere.

Our educational platform is comprised of our website, online courses at Universe College and various workshops and events given at our San Francisco and affiliate centers.

Who is in Our Community

Our diverse and collaborative global community includes that rare portion of the population that are discerning and well read individuals who may also describe themselves as sustainability advocates, evolutionaries, evolutionists, change agents, scientists, eco-spirituality pioneers, cultural creatives, spiritual progressives, members of the Millennial, Integral, Evolver, Wayseer or Zeitgeist movements, as well as those individuals who call themselves ​planetary citizens or universe citizens. No matter if you are secular or spiritual in nature, we believe that you will find the science-grounded, nondenominational (for all denominations,) and trans-denominational (transcending or beyond denominations, ) information and tools found on this website relevant and useful in resolving life's most important challenges.