Enter the exciting career field of Unmanned Systems. The US government will spend $6 Billion is 2013 on Unmanned Systems. Congress and the FAA have signed a new law to allow civil UAS to fly in the National Airspace. Thousands of jobs are available. To prepare for opportunities, you will need a quality education. Unmanned Vehicle University is the first University in the world to offer graduate degrees (MS and PhD) in Unmanned Systems Engineering. An unmanned vehicle is a system, not just a vehicle. So a systems engineering approach is needed to design develop, integrate and test new unmanned systems. Masters and PhD degrees are offered in unmanned air, ground and sea systems. Courses are taught in the classroom and online. A complete online curriculum is available.  Classes start on July 2, 2012. To register visit the  website at www.uxvuniversity.com or call 206-787-2807. Seats are limited so call NOW!