Some of the first images you saw of New Orleans under water during Hurricane Katrina were the mangled houses and cars, and drowned bodies of the people from the Lower 9th Ward. Before Hurricane Katrina, few had even heard of this close-knit, predominately African American community nestled less than five miles from world-famous Bourbon Street.

The author says, “I watched it all unfold on TV from my home near Dallas that morning. As the flood waters rose, my heart sank. This was my home, my neighborhood, my people. How could I not use my gifts to tell their story?”
UNTOLD Lets You:
Peek into the lives of 16 residents from the Lower 9th Ward, share their memories, feel their faith, hear how they survived, and find out where they are now

Find out some interesting history on the area before it became the Lower 9th Ward

Find out how the Lower 9th Ward may be connected to area movie producer Eugene T. Calongne
Sure, other books have been written about Hurricane Katrina survivors, but this one is different. Here’s why:

UNTOLD focuses specifically on the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans.

The author grew up in the Lower 9th Ward community. The book is not written by an outside source.

UNTOLD features survivors of all ages.

Approximately 100 pages, UNTOLD is an easy read but packed with powerful stories.

UNTOLD seeks to shed some positive light on a very dark time.

Price $13.99  

Proceeds donated to an organization helping residents to recover