Welcome to UpSouth Adventures!  The breathtaking landscapes of Southern Africa awaits.  Let us take you on an unforgettable journey through this incredible region we love to call home. UpSouth Adventures is based in Cape Town, South Africa and conduct unique and exclusive motorcycle tours.

UpSouth Adventures has thoroughly scouted all corners of Southern Africa, to bring you the best routes, accommodations and attractions this wildly beautiful destination has to offer.  We are so very passionate in sharing our love for Africa with you.
With extensive local knowledge and international flavour, our multi-skilled team is completely committed to deliver an amazing, personalised experience. Dedicated, fun and professional, our full focus and attention is always on you.
how we roll
You want to experience South Africa on two wheels, but planning a trip, knowing where to go, booking accommodation and making sure you do not miss out on anything, is a lot of work. And who wants to do a lot of work when all you want to do is hit the road?!

Making things easy..
UpSouth Adventure will plan your whole route with great roads, beautiful scenery and handpicked accommodation. Your tour guide and back-up vehicle will also provide that reassurance and comfort so you can just enjoy the freedom of the road.

Looking to travel independently..
We have self guided tours for guys and girls who want to do their own trip, completely independent from a tour guide and back-up vehicle. We still take care of all the technical things, planning routes, plotted with pre-booked accommodation, motorcycles and GPS navigation, all to suit your needs and requirements.

If you only require a motorcycle, or routes and accommodation… shout and we will assist!   Anything else?  Coffee?  How many sugars?

Why Us?
People make all the difference.. We at UpSouth really love what we do, and we love to share every amazing part of Southern Africa with you. Whether we share stories by the fire, or introduce you to some local tasty snacks, you will get to know us and this beautiful place.

UpSouth Adventures - You only live once,  live up to it!