Upstream Thinking is a people-centric innovation firm that drives top-line growth by creating new eco-systems of products, services and brands. Our DNA consists of seasoned hybrid thinkers from the worlds of research, marketing and design. We focus on impacting the social experience to create value for multiple stakeholders.

We help leaders:
1. Reinvent brands
2. Build innovation capability & culture
3. Design new products & services

Our team members have built successful careers and deep expertise within their respective silos. Over the course of those careers we all arrived at the same conclusion – consumption models must shift focus from the individual to the group. Simultaneously, we observed product and marketing domains merging together thanks to new technology. With this perspective, we realized that silos had to merge UPSTREAM in order to create and deliver new types of brands, products and services which resonate across groups of people. This is what brought us together in 2008. Though we come from diverse backgrounds, our core competencies center on empathy, sense making, co-creation, prototyping and story-telling. Together, we excel at making actionable sense of insight and creating new eco-systems of products, services and brands. We also enjoy helping organizations build and internalize these capabilities.