Upstream People Gallery was created in the late '90's in order to serve artists throughout the world by hosting international juried online art exhibitions. Artists from almost every country have exhibited with the gallery over seven years.

The name Omaha means "Upstream People" in the American Indian language, so it seems quite fitting to have an art gallery by the same name. Early exhibitions were developed to promote the best ideals of many Americans as established by our heritage and early founders. Values of family, expressions of love, displays of beautiful landscapes, the capturing of the human condition, alone and in interactions, and the many other conditions of the human soul began to emerge as predominant in the types of shows that were formulated.

Such shows as "An American Experience", "Fatherhood", "Motherhood", "Landscape", "Faces", "Beautiful", "Spiritual Art" and others, provided a venue for artists who are involved in the understanding and appreciation of this realm. Additionally various media exhibitions have been showcased such as mixed media, drawing, painting and others.

Upstream People Gallery is organized and run by a professional team of artists in the area. Guest jurors and critics are important contributors to the aesthetic and critical dimension of the selected works in the gallery. As working and exhibiting artists we wish to recognize talent across the globe and assist and encourage emerging artists.

The gallery operates with the assistance of several other professionals who serve as advisors, jurors and our web designer Brian Wetjen of Orajen Group, Inc.

Many artists have sold their work as a result of our online presence. To date there have been nearly one billion viewers.

Also, numerous artists have had articles about their artwork published in their local and area newspapers.

We wish to thank all those who have supported the artists and staff with sales and promotions, educational programs and the over fifteen thousand who have worked with the gallery in varying capacities.