Who am I, you might ask? Let me tell a you little bit about me.
I am a small business owner that was looking for ways to advertise my business. With the struggles in today's economy I was running into high cost to advertise my business to target very few people. I decided there has got to be a better way, well guess what, I could not find anything I could use without spending over $1,000.00 dollars to targeting limited people.

This is where my frustrations set in. Am I going to be forced to lay off my employees because work has slowed down? Maybe not, however as a business owner and having responsibilities of employees and the welfare of their families I could not allow this happen.

Now the pen and paper ideas started, 4 notebooks later www.UrBusinessBook.com was created.

This is ultimately the absolute best thing for Businesses.

Where can a business go to advertise for under $200.00 for a full year of advertising? NO WHERE! Until NOW at www.UrBusinessBook.com you get just that. One year of advertising for $189.99 globally via internet hitting over 30,000 news feeds, 250,000 RSS feeds and bloggers. Plus we give you $200.00 of SEO Ad-words in our press releases about your business. By this time do I have your undivided attention let it speak for it self come and create a Business profile at www.UrBusinessBook.com and see the results first hand.

UrBusinessBook.com your place to reflect all that your business has to offer. With each business owner being able to reach your customers in a quick and efficient manner to stay current in the market place is your #1 goal.