About Urban Wealth Management:
At Urban Wealth Management, advisors strive to create a supportive and secure environment where women are encouraged to be engaged in their financial affairs and take ownership in creating the life they desire and deserve. UWM is based in El Segundo California and provides strategic financial planning alongside investment management. It’s an all women firm and founded by a Black Woman!!!  All of the advisors are Women of Color and are CFP® professionals.  

Women want to be served by professionals who look like them and know and understand what their lives are like. They may be the only woman in management at their company. They could be both a woman and a person of color. Their clients are professionals, these women are extremely busy and are managing budgets, people, and projects at work and home. We understand that.

About Smart Woman Savvy Money:

Women face unique and complex financial challenges, The Smart Women/Savvy Money Club was created to provide a safe, secure environment where women are encouraged to learn, explore, and come to feel confident about making sound financial decisions. Women focus on caring for others, we find they often neglect to consider the risks of longevity and the importance of making good financial decisions today so they can have a comfortable lifestyle tomorrow. We’ve worked with women later in life, after a major setback and enabled them to shift gears and create a financial roadmap that will set the wheels in motion for the life they want to live.