As a computer user, you are always exposed to the risk of losing your data. Everyday, more online backup services are introduced. Being a business person that you are online data storage services for business may be your perfect choice. But how do you find the provider for this service? Well, I will give you several tips that I am certain will lead you to the best online data backup for your business.

1.     Space
You need to know how much space you require before anything else. Different service providers may have limited of unlimited storage. Those that offer limited storage usually places a hard cap about the amount of storage you will get and you may need to dig deeper into your pocket if you will go over the set limits.
2.     Simple and user friendly
Most of us want not only the simplest, but also the most efficient online backup solution. Go for a data backup that will work efficiently and quietly in the background. It should automatically backup your data.  Data backup is not supposed to interfere with your daily business but rather it should protect you even when you don’t remember it exists.
3.     Do you need a special software
Certainly you need a perfect web interface. Good online data storage for business will have features that will allow you as a computer user to access your data backup online and restore them directly from the internet.
4.     When you delete a file or it gets corrupted
Some of these service providers may keep just the recent copy of backup. Others will keep several in different version. Depending on the type of backup you choose, you may be able to retrieve an older version of your data if you happen to loose it.
5.     Security of your data.
Check the features for each and every online data backup service provide. Get to understand how data is moved from to and from the backup site. And how the have ensured security at their location of the backup. Features to look for include access-control standards and encryption.
6.     Flexible scheduling
Scheduling options should be there in any good online backup service provider. It can be hourly, weekly or even instantly- this way you can select what is best for your business.
7.     How scalable is the service?
May be you are planning to expand in terms of business, go for the provider that offers storage which will expand along with your business without causing any inconveniencies.
8.     Stability of the company
Be careful not to choose a company that might decide not to be there tomorrow. Check the providers overall stability. Find out the vision of the provider for their products, what niche they are trying to fill and how different they are from other similar providers
9.     Do they provide a free trial?
You need this for you to evaluate the provider’s services effectively. The period should be enough to test their product. It is important because most companies do not offer refunds.
10.     Need for support
Check the type of computer support options available such as online support, email support or live support. In most business, you cannot afford to be down even for one single day. So, is the support 24*7*365 or just for specific hours? Is their phone support toll free?

If you consider all above factors there is no doubt you will be able to choose the best provider and get rid of your backup problems!

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