"V" The Venue of the Future Is Here Today!!!

Imagine  creating your very own club, designing the ultimate
entertainment for you and your guests. Now bring in legendary
designer and producer Chad Everett, whose award winning
productions have awed audiences around the world, to take your
event to the next level.
The experience begins as you are greeted by the valet at the red
carpet, where every guest feels like a star. A smile is all the
bouncer needs to see to let you inside. Overhead a beautiful,
contemporary crystal chandelier casts glittering reflections onto a
curved glass mosaic wall. The Maitre D’ welcomes you into this
unique venue that takes on a different feel for every event.
V features a double level dance floor featuring a wrap around
stone bar on the first level and flowing sheer fabric around the
second level. High backed sofas, lighted cocktail tables and bar
stools, exquisite ever changing hanging art and even a royal
dinning table with ghost chairs create eclectic seating areas around
the club.
Dazzling buffet arrangements are created uniquely for each event.
Passed hors d’oeuvres, plated passed tapas and unique
offerings for each event will tempt guests to try one more morsel.
Servers in white are on hand to offer new treats at each event.
State of the art sound systems, intelligent lighting, laser systems,
video projectors and LCD screens showing music videos,
montages and event branding are featured throughout. The
interactive game station will engage guests of all ages in fun and
challenging new ways as we bring the latest and greatest games to
our guests.
Entertainers in dazzling costumes complete the unique feel for
each event. Once again, Chad Everett has taken his “WOW”
Factor to the next level, trail blazing the way for the next
generation of event celebrations. Experience V and experience the
venue of the future-TODAY.
V-The Venue of the Future is here TODAY!