Okinawan self defense karate training in northern Virginia!  

Based on natural body movements rather than strength.  

Proven effective self defense.  

The pathway between self defense and self perfection.

We strive to develop a Saint's heart with demon hands!

Join us for three free trial classes with no obligations to continue if it isn't the right fit for you.

In these uncertain times you are right to join us.
We train you only in life preservation karate techniques and applications.
Members report that through our adult karate training classes they:
- get in shape,
- reduce stress,
- become more flexible and
- increase self control.
- You will be surprised to discover how much fun this is!  (When was the last time you had fun?)

It’s not enough to just do the karate or martial arts you learned as a child, but now you can discover the missing self-defense applications through adult karate training, too!  Expecting your sport karate or martial arts to help you in a self-defense situation has been compared to facing a sword wielding samurai with a pocket knife.

It is never too late to start karate training!

The hardest thing about learning Adult Karate or Martial Arts is Walking Through the Door on the First Day!

Learn Proper Karate Technique and Application that Trumps Strength and Muscle.  We teach the smaller and weaker to easily contend with larger and stronger aggressors.

What we offer that most other schools don’t:
Adult Karate Training
Only proven effective Self-Defense techniques and applications
Safe, non-threatening, cooperative training to maximize your learning
Useful for Military/Police/Security and your safety
Small Class sizes
Ample training Space
Master Instructor with 35+ years experience teaching adult karate training
Generous Family/Military/Police Discounts
Belt ranks awarded only through proven performance
All-Inclusive Monthly Fees include karate gi (uniform), promotions, belts and equipment
All Equipment Provided
Member of the International Shidokan Association
Member of the Beikoku Shidokan Association.
Internationally Recognized Rank
You Can Stop Classes Any Time with no penalty if life gets in the way of your karate training.
We Just do Adult Karate Training!
Fun!  Lots of fun.  When did you last do something for fun?
Chance to train at least once per year with Grand Master Seikichi Iha, 10th Degree, the highest ranking Okinawan Karate Master in the United States and one of the most senior Karate Masters in Okinawa.  Some call him a living legend.

Stop! We don’t have everything for everyone. If you want the following items please look for another school!
Focus on sparring, competition, trophies
Fancy, Pretty, Impressive, Useless Movements
Teen Age/Early 20’s Instructors
Kid Focus (games)
Baby sitting or Child Care
Crowded classes/space
Guaranteed Black Belt in 2 or 3 years
Rank Promotion Fees
New Belt Fee
Additional Equipment Fees
Store for additional equipment
Special demonstration team or black belt training fees
Penalty for stopping before contract ends
After school activities
Birthday Parties

Call now or email to reserve your spot:
7033109596   robertoshidokan at gmail dot com