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Identify Your Creative Strengths in 20 Minutes

Missoula, MT, July 07, 2017 - VAST Next Generation Learning, a cloud-based educational software company, announces the debut of a 20 minute digital creative strengths identifier for adults, the VCAI (VAST Creative Abilities Indicator).  Creativity has been identified as the number one ability that businesses need to be successful in the future.

The VCAI can be used to identify the creative strengths of potential and current employees.  It can be used to create highly effective teams and for leadership training.  The VCAI analyzes actual responses to open ended questions.  It is not a checklist, rating scale, multiple choice list or an observation by someone else.  Results reflect how you actually responded to four open ended exercises.

“Many people do not understand what creativity is and do not believe that they are creative.” said Dr. Kathy Goff, VAST Chief Creative Officer.  “Creativity is not all or nothing.  It is multi-dimensional and everyone has it.”

The VCAI identifies four main creative abilities – fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.    It is available on-line or as a mobile app for IOS, Android and Windows devices at the VCAI website, www.vcaiteam.com.  

Learning more about strengths helps us to better understand ourselves and what we have to contribute to producing more innovative and constructive solutions. Learning how to solve problems using creative strengths is highly motivating and provides for a very engaging workplace.  
The VCAI Creativity Assessment is built upon the works of Dr. E. Paul Torrance, Dr. Kathy Goff and Dr. Erik Guzik.  The Torrance Tests for Creative Thinking (TTCT) were published in 1966 and have been used in over 2,000 research studies.  Dr. Goff collaborated with Dr. Torrance for more than 16 years.  They co-authored the Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) which was published in 2000.  Drs. Guzik and Goff began developing the VCAI in 2012 and are now announcing its official launch.    
“Creativity is a key to success.  When you identify your strengths, they become stronger.  You begin to notice the creative strengths of others more often. This makes creativity grow and helps make this world a more positive place.” said Goff.

If you would like more information on the VCAI or creativity, please contact Erik Guzik at (877) 549 3931 or support@vcaiteam.com