All over the world, VEGA level controls and systems are providing information in applications like these:

Tank level gauging of Milk in bulk tanks at a dairies, Beer vessels at breweries

Level indication in plastic pellets, flour or cement in silo's

Levels and contents gauging of acid, oil and solvent vessels in chemical plants

Level monitoring of water in reservoirs and tanks

The above are examples that are just a tiny fraction of our application areas. We know that reliable and accurate level indication of all raw and finished materials are vital to ensure supply to a factory or production line, where running out will cost time and money, or ensuring the correct quantities are available for despatch to customers.

In manufacturing processes, VEGA instruments can monitor and control vessel level during the reaction and mixing of hazardous chemicals. Level indication of molten metal poured in a mould, or chocolate levels in a sweet factory to give you some extremes of our applications!