VERIBANC is a bank rating agency established in 1981.  We have an amazing track record and a Rating’s Effectiveness of over 99%.  During our first year of operation, VERIBANC coined the Blue Ribbon Bank™ commendation of excellence - the country’s oldest and most prestigious form of national recognition by any independent analysis firm for financial safety and soundness.  In addition, VERIBANC has been the only rating agency whose assessments were used as the principal underwriting basis for issuing excess FDIC deposit insurance policies during 1993-2000.    

VERIBANC has always remained 100% transparent since inception by disclosing our rating model, track record, and no conflict of interest policy. We have stood by our policy and have never accepted payment from a bank to rate it.  Most importantly, we have been a key resource in helping depositors find a safe bank during some of histories most devastating banking crises, such as the 1980s and 2000s crises. To find out more about Veribanc, please visit www.veribanc.com.  To order the latest bank data, visit https://www.veribanc.com/OrderRpts/OrderReports.php.