Established in 2006, VEXXHOST was initially a web hosting provider that offered services from shared hosting to VPS. However, with the advancement of cloud technologies, VEXXHOST decided to move to more innovative options such as cloud hosting. This leap to cloud-based hosting garnered a positive response, encouraging our company to invest further in cloud-based solutions. In 2011, VEXXHOST adopted OpenStack software for its infrastructure. Since then, VEXXHOST has been an active contributor and an avid user of OpenStack. Currently, VEXXHOST provides OpenStack Public Cloud and Private Cloud infrastructure and services, along with a range of Cloud Solutions to customers, from small businesses to enterprises across the world.

VEXXHOST is committed to working with its users to help architect, configure, and optimize their cloud infrastructure to reduce expenses and increase productivity. Our company also delivers a high level of expertise to clients, enabling them to focus on their core competencies.

With our operational experience of running Canada’s biggest OpenStack public cloud and many large private clouds, we can help you by:

- Running your cloud without the stress and hassle of vendor lock-in
- Reducing costs by offering competitive pricing compared to other providers
- Accelerating your ability to innovate and increase internal operational efficiency
- Providing complete end-to-end planning, architecture and best practices support
- Providing expertise on Kubernetes enablement, OpenStack upgrades and consulting